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Castus Vivos

Hi guys! I am a huge fan of locked living and pursue it every chance I get. Avatar is me. Currently in ATX. Cock was locked on Oct 9, 2018 and has not been out since. My keyholder is wankbank2468. Currently raising funds for a new custom jail bird from mature metal, because the cage I'm locked in now has become too big. If you can, please donate here: https://gofund.me/82151741 Thank you. Because this page is adult in nature, viewers should be above the age of consent in their jurisdiction. If you're not old enough, please leave now. This is an M4M blog. I'm into gay chastity, edging, denial, watersports, bondage, Alphas/Doms/Tosp/Sirs/etc., smokers, cowboys who cum in their cope, rough trade, men with long hair, men with pierced nipples, men with holes in the crotches of their pants so that their junk can fall out, men with huge schlongs and men doing what I can't (namely cum). This page is a work in progress for now.